Bellarmine Forum Committee Members

Scott Wood, Co-Director                                                             Jonathan Rothchild, Co-Director

Director, CUReS Restorative Justice Project                            Associate Professor of Theological Studies,  LMU                                                              



Sarah Babb, Career Development & Employer Relations Specialist, LMU

Maggie Bove-LaMonica, School of Education Family of Schools, LMU

Sheryle Bush, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean

Franky Carrillo, LMU Student and Leader of Alternative Breaks Trip Through the California Criminal Justice System

Darin Early, School of Education Family of Schools, LMU 

Evan Gerstmann, Professor of Political Science and Law 

Cheryl Grills, Associate Dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and Faculty Member in the Psychology Department

Rachel Lang, LMU Graduate Student 

Schoene Mahmood, Restorative Justice Specialist, CURES Restorative Justice Project 

Paula Mitchell, Professor, Loyola Law School 

Kyra Pearson, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, LMU 

Pam Rector, Director of the Center for Service and Action 

Eric Strauss, President's Professor at LMU

Seth Weiner, Attorney/ Restorative Justice Practitioner