Beyond LMU

To encourage our students to begin to think about occupational choices after completing their studies at LMU, the Department of Sociology works with the Sociology Society–a student organization–to conduct several events in the during the academic year. “Career night” brings back several recent and sometimes not-so-recent graduates to talk about their experiences after leaving the Westchester campus. They are able to effectively speak to the uncertainties and rewards that they have encountered in the job market. They often reflect on the value of specific sociology classes to their careers. The conversation between our alumni and current students at times has led to an exchange of phone numbers and email addresses to carry on their conversations after the event has ended.

“Graduate school” night also is a student-centered event. A number of our students who are currently working on graduate degrees or have completed their advanced studies take time from their schedules to discuss their graduate school experience. They offer suggestions about pulling together a good application, providing sufficient lead time for letters of reference, selecting a program that “fits”, the uncertainties of the first year in graduate school, and a range of other practical issues related to the graduate school experience. Recently we have also organized a “law school” night for those students considering a career in law. This event is similar to graduate school night but focuses on details specific to the selection of a program in law, the application process and career opportunities. This event has been coordinated by a member of our faculty, Dr. Stacy Burns, who complements her UCLA Ph.D. in Sociology with a degree in Law from Yale University.