Theme Area VI - Globalization

Social Change
3 semester units
An examination of the social, economic, and political sources of social change

SOCL 371
Social Ecology
3 Semester Hours
An analysis of the interaction and interrelationship of population, natural resources, and environment as they affect social organization and place limits on life on the earth.

SOCL 372
Sociology of Work and Occupations
3 Semester Hours
Explores the social dynamics of work and occupations in terms of culture, ideology, race, class, and gender. Topics will include the day-to-day experiences of the workplace, the politics of the economic system, and the social changes related to globalization and the international economy.

SOCL 378
International Tourism
3 Semester Hours
A survey of the social, cultural, economic, and environmental elements of international tourism with special emphasis on the impacts of the expansion of tourism from the developed nation into the less developed realm. Modern trends in tourism, such as ecotourism, are analyzed for their potential costs-benefits and their implications for careers in the tourist industry.

SOCL 379
Sociology of Immigration
3 Semester Hours
An investigation into current and historical immigration trends as they encompass the economy, education, language, identity politics, and culture. There is a particular focus on globalization and Los Angeles as an immigration center.