Theme Area V - Family and Life Cycle

SOCL 361
Sociology of Marriage and Families
3 Semester Hours

A study of marriage and family as social institutions, including normative aspects, socialization activities, value orientations, family structures and behavior, and societal influences on families.

SOCL 362
Sociology of Children
3 Semester Hours

A sociological study of the world of children, interactional events in children’s activities, and examination of the cultures of children and of adults.

SOCL 363
Concepts and Issues in Aging
3 Semester Hours

A general introduction to the study of physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects of aging. The focus is on the individual in society throughout the adult phase of the lifespan.

SOCL 367
Sociology of Adolescence
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the adolescent society with particular focus on the high school. Topics to be discussed: peer socializations, cliques and crowd formations, lifestyles, fads and fashions, and changing patterns and relations resulting from globalization.