Theme Area IV - Social Structure, Culture, and Process

SOCL 351
Sociology of Sport
3 Semester Hours
An examination of the social nature of sport in society. Topics may include the interrelation of sport and culture, sport and the socialization process, deviance and violence in sport, sport and race, the status of women in sport, and the political and economic ramifications of sport.

SOCL 352
Political Sociology
3 Semester Hours

An analysis of the relationship between forms of social organization and the exercise of power in society. Among the subjects considered are: types of political regimes, cross-cultural patterns of voting, voluntary associations, social classes, social movements, and revolution.

SOCL 354
Social Organization
3 Semester Hours

The study of large-scale, highly structured groups, such as athletic teams, local school systems, colleges and universities, hospitals, businesses, and governmental agencies.

SOCL 355
Social Psychology
3 ~Semester Hours

The interrelationships between individual behavior and the larger social order. Language and communication, the self, interaction and interactional strategy, aggression, perception and attribution theory, prejudice and discrimination, and collective behavior.

SOCL 356
Sociology of Law
3 Semester Hours

A survey of the important theoretical and research traditions and recent empirical developments in sociology of law. A variety of law-related topics will be covered, including law and social structure, the economy and culture, law and inequality, law and social control, courts and alternative dispute resolution, and the legal profession.

SOCL 357
Media and Society
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the social role of the media in our lives and our society. Topics include: culture, race, class, and gender, as well as alternative media and the political struggles over social change and the media system.

SOCL 358
Medical Sociology
3 Semester Hours

Development of the field of medical sociology, with emphasis on changing patterns in the health care and delivery systems, doctor-patient relationships and health care.

SOCL 359
Sociology of Popular Culture
3 Semester Hours

The study of the artifacts of everyday life—newspapers, films, sports, music, and such—as important sources of sociological knowledge.

SOCL 454
Religion, Culture, and Society
3 Semester Hours

The study of religion as an expression of culture, its diverse subcultural characteristics as a social institution, and the interrelationships of religion and other social institutions.