Theme Area III - Urban, Population, and Demographic Processes

SOCL 340
Urban Sociology
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the basic historical processes which have shaped cities, including spatial differentiation. Topics may include the formation of community, metropolitan deconcentration, urban poverty, housing segregation, and third world urbanization.

SOCL 341
3 Semester Hours

This course examines a wide range of American community studies, ranging from the 1920s to the present. Primary attention is directed toward an understanding of the scope of change in community structure and process in industrial society.

SOCL 342
Demography and Population Analysis
3 Semester Hours

An analysis of major international population trends, problems of overpopulation, and population control, with an introduction to the methods and techniques of demographic and ecological analysis.

SOCL 348
Urban Anthropology
3 Semester Hours

A comparative analysis of urban social relationships. Emphasis is directed to the use of ethnographic methodologies in understanding contemporary American Urbanism and to the problems associated with pluralistic urban society.

SOCL 349
Research in Urban Society
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the methodologies and strategies employed by social scientists researching urban society. Case studies and research agendas are drawn from modern and postmodern cities, including metropolitan Los Angeles.