Theme Area II - Social Inequality

SOCL 332
Gender and Society
3 Semester Hours

An examination of processes resulting in soclo-cultural sex role differences and the cultural consequences relating to opportunity, power, and prestige in society. An attempt to understand the effects of social organization and change. on the status of women and men.

SOCL 333
Men and Masculinities
3 Semester Hours

An exploration of masculinity through critical examination of men, women, gender, politics, identity, and social change from a social scientific perspective. Topics include: gender socialization, the diversity of masculinities, race and ethnicity, class, age, sexuality, and men’s social movements.

SOCL 334
Race and Ethnic Relations
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the interaction between ethnic and racial minorities and the dominant group in the light of current sociological theories of social conflict and social change.

SOCL 335
Sociology of the Black Community
3 Semester Hours

A survey of the effects of long-standing discrimination and deprivation upon family structure, occupational patterns, health and education conditions, motivation, and personal as well as group identity. An analysis of the black power concept and its influence upon the concept of Afrocentrism and the focus on community control.

SOCL 336
Social Stratification
3 Semester Hours

An examination of the historical roots and contemporary patterns of social and economic inequality in the United States. Distribution of income and wealth, social mobility life chances, education, and race and ethnicity will be discussed.

SOCL 338
Sociology of Racism
3 Semester Hours

An exploration and examination of the interaction between the major ethnic and racial groups in the United States with emphasis on the current context, the social contact, intergroup conflicts, and social changes affecting the various groups.