Theme Area 1 - Deviance and Social Control

SOCL 322
Deviant Behavior
3 Semester Hours

A social interactionist approach to the study of deviant behavior; an examination of the process whereby society defines and labels an act as deviant, trends in deviance theory, deviant careers, and the mechanisms involved in confronting the label.

SOCL 422

Criminal Justice
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to the system of criminal justice in contemporary America with a focus on how criminal behavior is processed by the system’s agencies: police, courts, and correctional institutions. Legal concerns such as the rights of the accused and due process will also be discussed in terms of their application in each of these areas.

SOCL 423

Criminal Law
3 Semester Hours

This course examines the criminal law in the U.S. from a sociological perspective, as a set of “social control” processes by which norms are transmitted and enforced. Topics include how the law defines crime and particular forms of crime, drug abuse and alcohol-related crime, and various legal defenses available to the accused.

SOCL 424

Crime and Delinquency
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to the nature and dynamics of criminal and delinquent behavior from a sociological viewpoint. Topics to be covered: the nature of crime and the criminal law, the measurement of crime, major theories—both historical and contemporary, and patterns of criminal and delinquent behavior.