SOCL 100
Principles of Sociology
3 Semester Hours

Development of the perspectives, concepts, and methodologies needed for objective, analytical thinking about human interaction. Relationships explored in terms of the development of the self through interaction, basic types of social organization, collective behavior, types of institutions, and aspects of the total social system such as Social change and population phenomena.

SOCL 105

Cultural Anthropology
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to the social organization and culture of Preliterate and modern societies. Major emphasis is on cultural anthropology, a study of how humans have learned to cope with their world, and the varieties and Similarities of this coping.

SOCL 109

Social Research Methods
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to scientific inquiry and research in the Social sciences, with special emphasis on Conceptualization and operationalization, process, various data collection strategies, and the use of computers in data analysis.

SOCL 210

Elementary Social Statistics
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to basic inferential and descriptive statistics commonly used in the social sciences. Among the topics covered are: table construction; central tendency; variation; probability, sampling distributions, and the normal curve; hypothesis testing; and measures of association.

SOCL 301

Development of Sociological Theory
3 Semester Hours

An introduction to 19th century contributions to sociological thought: Comte, Tocqueville, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and others are examined within their historical settings.


Contemporary Theory
3 Semester Hours

A survey of the variety of 20th century sociological perspectives, including symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, functionalism, critical theory, and others.

SOCL 495

Sociology Seminar
3 Semester Hours

Designed as a senior seminar for sociology majors. Stress will be on organization and integration of sociology studies, bringing together in a meaningful way sociological facts, understandings, and knowledge. Students must have 90 units completed at time of registration.
Prerequisites: SOCL 109 and SOCL 301 or 401. Senior majors only.