Sara Lederer, Psy.D.






Visiting Professor

Office: University Hall 4726

Personal webpage:


Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

Specialty/Areas of Interest:

Clinical Psychology, Anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Spirituality

Courses Taught:

Psy 100, General Psychology; Psy 101 Introduction to Psychology; Psy 332 Psychological Disorders

Brief Bio:

I am a licensed psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders (panic attacks, social anxiety, OCD, general anxiety) using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and holistic approaches to reduce anxiety. In addition to teaching at LMU, I teach  students getting their masters psychology at Antioch University.  

Recent Publications:

Ishak, W.W., Lederer, S., Mandili, C., Nikravesh,  R., Seligman, L., Vasa, M., Ogunyemi, D.,  & Bernstein, C. A. (2009). Burnout during residency training: A literature review. Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 1(2), 236-242.

Ishak, W. W., Lederer, S., Nikravesh, R., Mandili, C., Seligman, L., Vasa, M., Ogunyemi, D.,  & Bernstein, C. (2013). Burnout in medical students, The Clinical Teacher

Honors & Awards:

Most Valued Professor, Argosy University, 2010

Clinical Credentials:

Psy 23416, California State Psychology License

Fun Facts:

Has traveled to over 44 countries; grew up down the street in Santa Monica; took a ship around the world at 20 years old.