Michael Foy, Ph.D.





Office: University Hall 4761
Telephone: (310) 338-7334
E-mail: mfoy@lmu.edu


B.S.  University of California, Irvine 1977
M.S.  Kent State University 1981
Ph.D.  Kent State University 1983
Post-doctorate  Stanford University 1983 - 1986

Specialty/Areas of Interest:

Biological Psychology
Neural Plasticity
Hormone Action on Brain
EEG Recording and Analysis

Brief Bio:

Dr. Foy's research and scholarly interests occur within the broad field of neuroscience, with special emphasis on the electrophysiology of learning and memory function. His research efforts have resulted in the discovery of hormonal, stress and aging factors that impact how neurons communicate within the hippocampus, cerebellum and cerebral cortex, brain structures known to be involved in memory.

Recent Publications:

Foy, M.R., Baudry, R., Brinton, R.D. & Thompson, R.F. (2011). Estrogen, progesterone and hippocampal plasticity in rodent models. In G. Casadesus (Ed),Animal Models of Alzheimer's Disease (pp. 109-127). IOS Press. 

Foy, M.R. (2011). Ovarian hormones, aging and stress on hippocampal synaptic plasticity, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory95, 134-144.

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Foy, M.R. & Foy, J.G. (2009). Conditioned Taste Aversion. In L.R. Squire (Ed),New Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Vol. 3 (pp. 35-41)Academic Press.

Zadran, S., Qingyu, Q., Bi, X., Zadran, H., Kim, Y., Foy, M.R., Thompson, R. & Baudry, M. (2009). 17beta-estradiol increases neuronal excitability through MAP kinase-induced calpain activation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA)106, 21936-21941.

Woodruff-Pak, D.S., Thompson, R.F. & Foy, M.R. (2009). Contribution of a mouse model system to neuroscientific theories of learning, memory and aging. In V. Bentson, M. Silverstein, N. Putney & D. Gans (Eds), Handbook of Theories of Aging (pp. 193-213). Springer Publishing Company.

Foy, M.R., Baudry, M., Foy, J.G. & Thompson, R.F. (2008). 17beta-estradiol modifies stress-induced and age-related changes in hippocampal synaptic plasticity, Behavioral Neuroscience122, 301-309.

Brinton, R.D., Thompson, R.F., Foy, M.R., Baudry, M., Wang, J.M. Finch, C.E., Morgan, T.E., Pike, C.J., Mack, W.J. Stancyk, F.Z. & Nilsen, J. (2008). Progesterone receptors: Form and function in brain, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology29, 313-339.

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Foy, M.R., Baudry, M., Brinton, R.D. & Thompson, R.F. (2008). Estrogen and hippocampal plasticity in rodent models, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease15, 589-603. 

Honors & Awards:

Teacher of the Year, LMU Psi Chi Society  2000 - 2001
Elected Fellow, Association for Psychological Science  2006
Elected Fellow, Western Psychological Association  2007