The Degree

Some of today's Political Science majors will be tomorrow's lawyers and judges. Others will be in business--because corporations need people who understand the workings of politics, government, and other forms of social organization.   

GraduateIf the past is any guide, there will also be political science graduates in marketing research, law enforcement, public relations, labor relations, foreign service, teaching, and social work. Writers, editors, government officials at all levels, real estate brokers, lobbyists, insurance underwriters, and human resources managers (what companies used to call "personnel directors") will include a number of political science graduates. Political Science is a great major for future politicians--both full-time professionals and citizen activists.

Many politicians are lawyers, and a political science major offers an excellent preparation for law school. Why? First, because in Liberal Arts you develop important intellectual tools that law schools prize. Second, because the political science major who becomes a lawyer understands where the law fits in the broader American system. Political science offers ways of understanding how attorneys, judges, and civil and criminal systems fit together and work.

Future lawyer or not, if you are a political science major who gets involved in politics, you'll find that an LMU education has prepared you to understand how the system works and how to get things done. You will also be well prepared to think about how things should be done--to tell the difference between good and bad policies and choices, and how to work for positive change.