Letters of Recommendation

Who to ask:

Try to take multiple classes from a few Professors so that the Professors have an opportunity to get to know you better and they can comment on your performance in a more meaningful way.


How to ask:

Don't just ask Professors for letters of recommendation over phone or email and send them a link to submit one.

Do have a conversation with your Professors in person about the schools you are applying to and remind them of all of the ways you have been involved.

The best letters of recommendation will:

  • Explain how that Professor knows you and in what context (What classes you took with them, when, your performance in those classes, etc.)
  • Explain how that Professor came to know you (Visits during office hours, working as a research assistant, advising your senior thesis, etc.)
  • Describe how you presented yourself and your ideas in front of the class, and how you did when your ideas were challenged


Ideally, give your Professors 4-6 weeks to write your letters of recommendation.