Pre-Law Student Advising

Although Loyola Marymount University is affiliated with Loyola Law School, there is no official Pre-Law Undergraduate Major.  The University does have a Pre-Law Advisory Program to assist students in preparing for and applying to law school.  While it is important for students that want to go on to law school to develop the ability to use language, communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively, there is no particular major that is best for pre-law students.  Students are highly encouraged to major in a subject or discipline that they are passionate about. 

The University's Pre-Law Advisor is Political Science professor Dr. Janie Steckenrider. If you are interested in pursuing law school, or have any questions, contact Dr. Steckenrider at:

Phone:    (310) 338-7374
Office:     University Hall 4120

We have compiled the following resources to help assist you in preparing and applying for law school:

Important Acronyms

Information About the LSAC

Information About the LSAT

LSAT Preparation Courses

Letters of Recommendation

Choosing a Law School

Top Law Schools in the United States

Scholarships and Fellowships for Law School

Suggested Timeline for Law School Preparation and Applications

Campus Organizations and Events


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