Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty is a title conferred by Loyola Marymount University for the purpose of recognizing the meritorious service of a faculty member upon or after retirement.

Professors Emeritus


Seth Thompson
During Seth Thompson's career at LMU he taught courses in many areas of Political Science, including world politics, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and political psychology. His research also covered several areas, including political psychology, gender and politics, and simulations. He offered a "short course" on bargaining and negotiations to mid-level political officials and field commanders of the parties making up The National Democratic Alliance- the umbrella organization for political and military groups opposing the government of Sudan. Currently he is publishing a
political blog, mainly focusing on international relations and politics.

Courses Taught:
World Politics
Political Psychology
International Cooperation
Politics of Asia
Politics of Africa
The Middle East
International Relations

Ph.D.: University of Oregon
M.A.:University of Oregon
B.A.: University of Santa Clara



Father Robert Welch

Father Welch served as a full-time faculty member in the Political Science Department from the 1960s to 2011. (He has continued to teach courses for the department on a part-time basis.) Known as a challenging teacher and a passionate advocate for social justice, Bob has taught courses in political theory as well as empirical approaches to politics. Survey of Western Political Thought, Modes of Political Inquiry, and Marx and Marxism have been his signature courses. Bob also served as department chair and represented the college on the university's Social Justice Committee. In addition to his academic pursuits and his role as a long time member of the LMU Jesuit Community, Bob also remains the most dedicated fan in the history of Lions baseball.

Courses Taught:
Intro. To Western Political Thought
American Political Thought
Marx and Marxism
Modes of Analysis

B.A.: Gonzaga University
M.A.: University of San Francisco
Ph.D.: Claremont Grad School
M.S.T.: University of Santa Clara



In Memoriam:

Bill Fitzgerald 


Bill Fitzgerald has been with the University for most of his adult life. After World War II, he attended Loyola University and got his B.A. in Political Science. He got his Ph.D. from Georgetown University. He turned to the University to teach Political Science and served as chair for 20 years. His teaching and research has been in Constitutional Law, Political Theory and Practical Politics.