Social Security Administration

Volunteer Internship Program (VIP)

The Social Security Administration’s VIP is a nationwide program that provides non-paid internships for students seeking meaningful work experience related to their academic studies. The work assignment may be in exchange for academic credit(s) based on the educational institution’s requirements. The VIP:

  • Provides exposure to the work environment as a means of developing the student’s work ethic;
  • Provides the student an opportunity to become involved in early career exploration; and
  • Enhances the student’s knowledge in new or developing occupations and professions.
Eligibility Requirement

The student must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Be enrolled at an accredited educational institution;
  • Pursue academic studies related to specific occupational groups within SSA; and
  • Complete the service agreement which outlines the assignment between the student, the educational institution and SSA.

Personnel Security and Suitability Requirement 
Prior to the start of the assignment, the student is required to undergo any personnel security and suitability screenings and comply with the same confidentiality requirements and disclosure restrictions as regular employees.

Work Schedule

The student’s scheduled hours of work must be approved by the Agency and the educational institution as appropriate for the major field of study the participant is pursuing. Prior approval and justification must be received for work periods exceeding one academic semester or quarter.


The student receives on-the-job training in order to perform his/her work assignment. Many of the skills and techniques acquired through the VIP allow the student to be more competitive when seeking permanent employment.


Since the student is not a Federal employee, he/she does not earn annual or sick leave and is ineligible for life insurance and health benefits. The student is; however, protected by the Federal Tort Claims Act for on-the-job injury.


The student’s major field of study should be related to the work experience of the assignment.

How To Apply

Please submit the following documents to:

  • Cover Letter;
  • Unofficial transcript; and
  • Resume.

Note: We are seeking to fill several vacancies for student volunteers in Torrance, Inglewood, Westwood and Crenshaw (Los Angeles).