Founded in 1993, LAANE is recognized as a national leader in the effort to address the challenges of working poverty, inadequate health care and polluted communities. Combining a vision of social justice with a practical approach to social change, LAANE has helped set in motion a broad movement to transform conditions in Los Angeles and beyond.

For the past 15 years, LAANE has been in the forefront of the nation’s most dynamic progressive movement. LAANE spearheaded the defeat of Wal-Mart’s ballot initiative in Inglewood, led Los Angeles’ groundbreaking living wage campaign and pioneered a new approach to economic development that has become a national model for community empowerment.

The Beth & Julia Meltzer Internship Program

At LAANE, we have two jobs:

  • The first job is to help build communities where working families can thrive, where the environment is protected and where the economy works for everyone.
  • Our second job is to provide training for committed young people seeking careers in social justice.

It has become popular in recent years to take advantage of interns, to work them like employees while denying them pay, which discriminates against low-income applicants, who can’t afford to subsidize their employer. Read the article in the New York Times.

At LAANE, we believe in fair wages for all workers, including students, which is why we created The Beth & Julia Meltzer Internship Program. As part of this program, young people can receive training in any of the following fields while earning a decent wage and continuing their education:

  • Communications
  • Community organizing
  • Fundraising
  • Legal analysis
  • Research

For information about the Beth & Meltzer Internship Program, contact Tim Bowler at (213) 977-9400, or at