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The political science major provides academic challenge, real world knowledge, and a host of exciting opportunities. The department offers courses that cover a broad array of topics including American and global politics, law, public policy, political thought and international relations. We challenge and encourage our students--you'll learn a great deal about the world and about yourself. No major will graduate without learning the analytic skills that will prepare you to be an active and effective citizen and to succeed in the professional world.

The department offers exciting opportunities to apply your knowledge and share your skills outside the university walls. You can apply for internships all over the country and all around the world. Through the Institute of Leadership Studies, we offer internships in the White House and two semester-long fellowships with the British Parliament in London. Through our affiliation with the Washington Center, we offer the opportunity to intern in Washington D.C. with major public-policy making institutions such as the State Department, the Justice Department, and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as with private law firms, advocacy groups and media organizations. If you want to get involved at the local level, you can utilize the department's close association with the highly regarded Center for the Study of Los Angeles, which offers opportunities to learn more about--and to make a positive difference--in the city of Los Angeles. Or you can intern with a local law firm or children's right group as part of a course on child advocacy, to experience how law and politics affect our most vulnerable populations.