• The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
    • Applicants should consult the GRE website for information on recent and upcoming changes in the test format
  • Demonstration of Competence in Philosophical Study through:
    • Completion of undergraduate major or minor in Philosophy
    • Strong undergraduate preparation in a closely related field
    • The competency of students with non-traditional backgrounds will be determined in interviews with the Program Director
    • The average GPA of students entering our program is 3.5 or higher
    • The average number of Philosophy courses taken prior to entry is 13
  • Two letters of recommendation 
    • Letters must testify to the student's aptitude for graduate studies in Philosophy, from professors familiar with the student's undergraduate work
    • Letters from professors of Philosophy are preferred
  • A Personal Statement of intent
    • No more than four typed pages
    • Applicants are expected to indicate why they wish to pursue philosophical studies at the graduate level and what their career plans are
  • A Writing Sample 
    • Approximately 10 typed pages in length
    • Preferably of philosophical writing


Deadline for the receipt of all materials:
            Fall Semester Entry: March 15th 
            Spring Semester Entry: November 1st


How to Apply:

Apply Online: Online application

If you have any questions concerning the application please contact

The Philosophy Department
Department Office: University Hall 3612
Department Phone: 310-338-1937
Department email: