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Modern Languages & Literatures

Chan Lü

Associate Professor - Chinese

Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University 
Office: University Hall 3942
Phone: 310.338.5359


Research Interests:

Second language reading skill acquisition; Biliteracy acquisition; Chinese language teacher education


Selected Publications:

  • Lü, C., Koda, K., Zhang, D. & Zhang, Y. (In Print). Effects of Semantic Radical Properties on Character Meaning Extraction and Inference. Writing System Research, 1-19. DOI: 10.1080/17586801.2014.955076
  • Lü, C. & Lavadenz, M. (2014). Chinese K-12 Language Teachers' Beliefs and Practices. Foreign Language Annals, 47, 630-652.
  • Lü, C. (2014). Chinese heritage language schools in the United States. In X. Curdt-Christiansen & A. Hancock (eds.), Learning Chinese in Diasporic Communities: Many pathways to being Chinese (pp. 81-96). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Koda, K., Lü, C., & Zhang, D. (2014). Cross-Linguistic Transfer in Biliteacy Development in Chinese and English. In X. Chen, Q. Wang, and Y. Luo (Eds). Reading Development in Monolingual and Bilingual Chinese Children (pp. 141-170). Springer Netherlands.
  • Lü, C. (2011). Lexical proficiency and quality of compositions: The case of school age Chinese heritage language (CHL) learners. Journal of Chinese Language Teachers Association, 46, 61-84.
  • Lü, C. & Koda, K. (2011). Impact of Home Language and Literacy Support on English-Chinese Biliteracy Acquisition among Chinese Heritage Language Learners. Heritage Language Journal, 8, 44-80.
  • Lü, C. (2010). The effects of word-knowledge depth, part of speech, and proficiency level on word association among learners of Chinese as a second language. In M. E. Everson & H. H. Shen (Eds.), Chinese Language Teachers Association Monograph Series: Vol. 4:  Research among learners of Chinese as a foreign language (pp. 67–92). Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i, National Foreign Language Resource Center.
  • Koda, K, Lü, C., & Zhang Y. (2008). Effects of print input on morphological awareness among Chinese heritage language learners. In He, W. A. & Xiao, Y. (Eds.), Chinese as a Heritage Language: Fostering Rooted Citizenry (pp.125 - 135). Honolulu: National Foreign Language Resource Center/University of Hawaii Press.


Selected Grants/Awards:

  • Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, Junior Scholar Grant (2012-2013). Principal Investigator. 
  • Language Learning Dissertation Grant (2009).


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