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Hiromi Kinjo


Hiromi Kinjo
Lecturer - Japanese
Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of California Los Angeles
M.A., Teaching English as a Second Language and Comparative Literature, University of California Los Angeles
B.A., English and Japanese, University of California Los Angeles

Since 1983 Hiromi Kinjo has been teaching a variety of classes, from beginning to advanced, and conversational to business Japanese.    Aside from teaching at LMU, she has been teaching at Santa Monica College, UCLA Extension, and LMU Extension.  In 2011 Hiromi Kinjo was the recipient of the UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructors Award.

Office: University Hall 3906
Phone: 310.258.5424

Teaching Philosophy:

Hiromi Kinjo believes that learning a target language is ultimately a tool to develop more effectively and smooth relationships with people from different countries.  Her teaching style originates from her firm belief that it is not that without teachers, students cannot learn, but without students, teacher cannot teach.  She always tells her students,  “I am lucky to have found my true calling, teaching.  I hope I can continue to encourage students to study Japanese, one of the critical languages, and teach it to as many people as possible.”

Area of Specialization:

Japanese Literature, emphasizing Enchi Fumiko's literary works, Japanese Language Instruction

Selected Publications:

  • "Oral Refusals of Invitations and Requests in English and Japanese." Journal of Asian Culture 11 (1987): 85-106  
  • “Multiple Uses of Magnets in Teaching for Foreign Language Professors” LMU Workshop
  • “Origami, the Japanese Art of Folding Paper”  LMU Workshops
  • “Japanese Cultural Workshop” LMU
  • “Bento Beneath the Palms” in conjunction with the Asian Pacific Student Services, LMU