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VĂ©ronique Flambard-Weisbart

  Véronique Flambard-Weisbart
Professor of French
Ph.D. and M.A., University of California Los Angeles
Licence, Université de Paris X
D.E.U.G., Université de Paris X

Office: University Hall 3947
Phone: 310.338.3095

Area of Specialization:

research interests include:

  • Contemporary French literary fiction, French film
  • Cyberspace, global communication, the Internet in the service of literary and cultural studies
  • Interdisciplinary (i.e. literary fiction, art, film) and comparative studies (e.g. Eastern & Western cinematic fiction)

Selected Publications:


  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique & Magnin, Michèle. Scénarios. Pédagogies du virtuel , Edited by Lara Semones, Boston: Heinle-Thomson, 2007.


  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique . “ La guerre sans contexte porte aux ovaires ”, Céline et la guerre, Paris: Société d'Etudes Céliniennes , (2007) : 139-150.
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique . “ L'innocence perdue: de Céline à Leiris ” Etudes Céliniennes. Paris: Société d’Etudes Céliniennes, No. 3, Automne (2007) : 65-76.
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique. “ ‘Ba-er-za-ke’ ou imaginaire chinois en français”, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies , Routledge,Vol. 11, No. 3, August (2007): 427–434.
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique & Magnin, Michèle.“Teaching Creative Writing and Culture with Literature, Simulations and Multimedia”, International Journal of Learning , Ed. Mary Kalantzis & Bill Cope, Australia: Common Ground Publishing Pty Ltd, Volume 12 (2006).
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique. “The Dance of Spectacular Effects in Transnational Cinemas”, International Journal of the Humanities , Ed. Tom Nairn and Mary Kalantzis, Australia: Common Ground Publishing Pty Ltd, Volume 4 (2006).
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique. “Hollywood enters the Dragon”, World Weavers: Globalization, Science Fiction, and the Cybernetic Revolution , Edited by Wong Kin Yuen, Gary Westfahl, and Amy Chan Kit Sze. Hong Kong University Press (2005): 233-243.
  • Flambard-Weisbart, Véronique. “Céline guerrier, guérisseur” Médecine . Paris: Société d'Etudes Céliniennes, (2005) : 111-122..