The Minor in Modern Greek Studies



The Basil P. Caloyeras Center has established a minor in Modern Greek Studies at Loyola Marymount University. While LMU students pursue their degrees in the area of their major field of study, they can also take, in parallel, the courses the Center offers and add a minor in Modern Greek Studies to their degrees. In this way, they are able to study the culture of Modern Greece as it has developed and evolved during the last two hundred years.

With other courses offered by the Departments of Classics, History, Philosophy, Theater, and Art History, LMU gives the opportunity to its students to study, in depth, the richness and complexity of the history of Hellenism. The students are exposed to the totality of Hellenism (Ancient, Byzantine and Modern) - a process that will deepen their understanding of one of the seminal cultures in the world. LMU is one of few universities in the United States that offer such a program.


Students who choose to complete a minor must meet the following general requirements:

1. At least half of the upper division semester hours of the program must be completed at LMU. Also, at least two-thirds of the semester hours must be in upper division level coursework.

2. A minor must be earned only while the student is concurrently completing the requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

3. 18 semester hours are required for the minor, of which at least 6 hours must be at the 3300 or 4400 level.

4. 9 semester hours of modern Greek language instruction.

5. 9 semester hours from MDGK 3341,3342,3350,3352,3354,3998,3999,4450.


Students may also choose from the following courses that are offered on a regular basis (each course is worth 3 semester hours):

           MDGK 1101 Elementary Modern Greek I

           MDGK 1102 Elementary Modern Greek II

           MDGK 2203 Intermediate Modern Greek I

           MDGK 2204 Intermediate Modern Greek II

           MDGK 3321 Adv. Modern Greek

           MDGK 3325 Adv. Modern Greek Conversation

           MDGK 3341 Intro. to Modern Greek Literature

           MDGK 3342 Ancient Landscapes: Modern Voices-Traveling in Greece

           MDGK 3343 Angels and Demons: Women and Literary Stereotypes in Modern

            Greek and World Lit.

           MDGK 3344 Cities of the Dead: Modernism in English and Modern Greek


           MDGK 3345 Coming of Age: Stories of Growth and Self-Discovery in Modern

            Greek and World Lit.

           MDGK 3346 Out of Control: Women, Madness and the Cultural Imagination in

            Modern Greek and World Lit.

           MDGK 3354 Greek Cinema

           MDGK 3998 Special Studies

           MDGK 3998 Independent Studies

           MDGK 3350 Greek Orthodox Tradition

           MDGK 3352 Orthodox Christian Spirituality

           HIST 4410 History of the Byzantine Empire

           MDGK 4450 Modern Greek History