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Study Abroad

Group shot of students in the Odyssey Program

The Odyssey Program


The Center invites all LMU students to join the Odyssey Program and spend four weeks in Greece studying and exploring the land and culture that is the cornerstone of Western civilization, as well as the nest of contemporary European and global developments.

The Odyssey Program begins in Athens where students visit the Acropolis, the Acropolis museum, and the National Archaeological Museum. Students also visit museums of modern art, attend performances, and walk around the city of Athens in order to experience the modern life of the city. The students then take residence on the Aegean island of Spetses, famous for its revolutionary war history, distinctive architecture and stately historical mansions, and beautiful beaches. Students also visit historical sites such as Epidaurus, Mycenae, Corinth, Nemea, Nafplio, Mistras, Olympia, Sparta, Delphi, and Meteora while on a cultural tour around Greece.

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"I loved it! It was an amazing opportunity to be able to go to Greece while learning about its mythology and history. We learned more about the country than most visitors do and I think that allowed us to appreciate and experience Greece in a more in-depth way than other tourists. It’s an amazing place – the food is delicious, the people are nice and every beach you visit is prettier than the last. The ancient ruins were also incredible in their own right and you don’t have to be an archaeology major to be amazed by the sites and art. The LMU Odyssey trip is also a great place to meet new friends and form a special bond with them – you get to know the other students and the professors really well when you’re together everyday for a month! I will never forget my month in Greece and neither will you!" 

Maddie Mary ’17, Graphic Design


It was my first time being in a foreign country for so long and I was really nervous about going, but I am so glad I did. Greece was absolutely amazing and I learned so much. Although it is different than going abroad for a semester, you still get the feel of the country rather quickly and feel like you're a local! The first week felt like a vacation, but as the days went by, I started to live life in the ways the locals did. I got the opportunity to get to know many locals at the convenience stores and coffee shops. Being so far from home it was nice to see a familiar face and you'll get the hang of simple phrases as well. I also met some of my best friends on the trip and spent almost every breathing moment with them eating gyros and relaxing on the beach. Everyone always says, "You have to go abroad!" Trust me, they are so right. My college experience would not have been the same without it and I am tempted to go again next summer. The professors were so kind and helpful and it felt like we were a family. What we learned in class was completely relevant to the sites we saw and it was nice feeling knowledgeable while we visited all of the ancient ruins!" 

Sophie Shook ’18, English


"I had an amazing time studying abroad in Greece. I thought the trip was well-organized. I liked how we started off in Athens for two days and saw the famous monuments there. The hotel was very clean and accommodating. Spetses was my favorite part of the trip. The boarding school was nicely renovated and I was pleased with the food that the chef prepared, despite my many food allergy restrictions. I was also satisfied by our daily schedule of classes. It was nice being finished by 1:00 pm and how we were free to explore the island or relax on the beach. The beach was spectacular and the town was very charming. I learned so much valuable information and history about both Ancient and Modern Greece in such a short period of time, I feel that I am almost an expert in these topics. It was also great how we had more free time on the weekends by visiting the beautiful Anargyrios Beach one Saturday, and exploring Hydra island the next Saturday. The last week of the program was very busy and I was content that we were finished with most of the homework and exams during the last week. I thought that viewing all the famous sites in the mornings were great so we could have free time in the late afternoons. And, Professor Bogdanou and Professor Dillon were very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole trip! Overall, I recommend studying abroad in Greece because you get to enjoy both the island and the mainland while learning about the fascinating history of the country."                

 - Jacqueline Cheban ’18, Entrepreneurship & French


"Before going on this trip, I had never been to Greece before. I was pleasantly surprised by the kind students that were traveling with me. During the first week I made friends that I will now keep in touch with after the program. Going abroad with a smaller group like this creates a bond between us that is unique and not understood by our friends at home. While in Greece we were able to experience the culture, sites, and locals together. The classes were demanding, however, they only further developed our understanding of the land and sites around us. I highly recommend this program to someone who is adventurous, interested in history, looking to fully immerse themselves in a new culture, and doesn't mind the beach life either! The Greece program has greatly opened my eyes, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be included in this Odyssey." 

Paige Zollars ’18, Communication Studies


“My summer Odyssey trip to Greece was certainly the most eye-opening experience I have had thus far -- and perhaps will always be. The memories I made with new people, of new places, and of a new culture will stay with me for a long, long while. My education about Greek history, heritage, literature, mythology, and culture actually allowed me to gain more knowledge about myself…I believe this experience has ultimately led me to a better understanding of myself, the world, and how to embark on each journey with open eyes and an open heart.”

Alexa Garster ‘17, Screenwriting Major

“Going to Greece was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Studying abroad allowed me to go in-depth into subjects that I may not have been able to study otherwise. It was remarkable to be able to integrate what I learned in the classroom with what I learned on our visits to archeological sites and museums. The complementary nature of this program enhanced my learning and gave me an increased appreciation for the nuances of Greece’s rich history and culture. I also underwent considerable personal growth on this trip. It increased my self-confidence, sense of independence, and my ability to adapt to new situations. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to go to Greece. It is an experience I will never forget.”

MacKenzie “Macy” Whitfield ‘17, Psychology Major, Business Administration Minor

Group shot of students in Mycenae

“The Odyssey program is not merely a vacation but also an educational immersion; the accompanying courses of Greek Literature and Mythology have significantly added depth to the trip, enabling my peers and me to garner a better understanding and appreciation of Greece not only as a historical goldmine, but a modern landscape. Even more, the current economic crisis has been fascinating to follow in both my personal time and in classroom discussions, as I am in the midst of it, and experiencing it firsthand.” - Samantha Larson ’16, Communications Studies Major, Business Administration Minor

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