Founders and Supporters



Basil P. Caloyeras

Born in Greece on the island of Spetses, Basil P.Caloyeras used his banking expertise to help found and guide MAGNETIKA INDUSTRIES. His love of Greek culture inspired his son and daughter-in-law, Peter B. and Beverly Caloyeras and his daughter, Calliope Babu-Khan, to lead lives devoted to the arts and culture of their Greek heritage. With Professor Hugh Gray, they founded a center for Hellenic studies at Loyola Marymount University which has flourished for more than twenty-five years.


caloyeras   Peter and Beverly Caloyeras

Peter Caloyeras was born in Greece, the native land of his father, Basil, who inspired him in a life of enterprise and philanthropy. Peter attended North Carolina University and USC, achieving three degrees in Electrical Engineering. Bevery Caloyeras, a native of the U.S and graduate of UCLA, shares his love of Greek culture and support of the Center for Modern Greek Studies . Peter's achievements in founding MAGNETIKA Inc. and Metrobank marked him as a leader in imaginative and resourceful business management. The love of Greece led Peter and Beverly to join Professor Hugh Gray in founding the Center in honor of Peter's father, Basil.



Peter B. Caloyeras

Basil and Jennifer Caloyeras     







Hugh and Barbara Gray

Scholar, teacher, screenwriter, Professor Hugh Gray was born in England, educated at Louvain and Oxford, and served in the R.A.F. during WWII. In Los Angeles he was Professor of film, theatre, aesthetics and humanities at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University. His love of Greece resulted in the founding of the Center for Modern Greek Studies with Peter and Beverly Caloyeras and Basil Caloyeras.

His wife, Barbara Gray, shared his Philhellenism. Born in India and educated at Oxford University, Barbara Gray had a distinguished career in architecture as Vice President and Director of Research at the firm of William Pereira and Associates. She was a screenplay writer and authored the book of musical comedies. She was named LATimes Woman of the year in 1961.


Aris Anagnos


Aris Anagnos was born in Greece where he served in the Greek army in World War II. He came to UCLA for his studies and went on to build a successful business in Southern California. He is shown in this photograph with his late wife, Carolyn. She was born in Cleveland and was educated at Bryn Mawr. Together they distinguished themselves as champions of social justice. Aris is an activist for peace in Kosovo and Serbia, and for human rights movements in Latin America. He has been awarded the Ralph Bunche Peace Award by the United Nations Association. Caroline and Aris were among the first supports of the efforts of Professor Hugh Gray and Peter Caloyeras to found the Center for Modern Greek Studies at LMU.










A strong endowment adequate to meet the Center’s needs is of the utmost importance for the future of the program. The Center is grateful to the younger generation of the Caloyeras family, Basil and Jennifer Caloyeras, as well as Alexandra and Aliki Caloyeras for the continued support of and commitment to Peter Caloyeras’ vision. Yet, additional funds need to be raised from throughout the Southern California Greek American community in order to maintain and expand the immeasurable work done by the Center: academic courses that inform and educate the future generations of students about the complexity and richness of Modern Greek history and culture; conferences and lectures that promote knowledge about Modern Greek matters; academic research and publication that will solidify the Modern Greek Studies’ place in the American academia. We hope that when you consider your charitable bequests, you will make the Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies at LMU a beneficiary.