Faculty for Modern Greek Studies




Rev. John Bakas
E-mail: frbakas@stsophia.org
Course: Christian Orthodox Spirituality and Greek Orthodox Tradition

Dr. Christina Bogdanou
E-mail: christina.bogdanou@lmu.edu
Course: Modern Greek Language; Modern Greek Literature; Comparative Literature and Critical Theory

Demetrios Liappas , Director of the Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies
E-mail: demetrios.liappas@lmu.edu
Courses: Modern Greek Language; Modern Greek History; Modern Greek Literature


Associated Faculty:

Prof. Diane Benedict, Theatre Arts

Dr. Christopher Key Chapple, Theological Studies

Dr. Steven Chryssanthos, History 

Dr. Matthew Dillon, Classics

Dr. Katharine B. Free, Theater Arts

Dr. Alan Hogenauer, Business Administration

Fr. Dorian Llywelyn, Theological Studies 

Dr. Margaret Trenchard-Smith, History 

Dr. Lawrence Tritle, History

Dr. Katerina Zacharia, Classics