Symposium Program

WCMI 2016

The 31st Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium
March 31st - April 2, 2016, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles


Thursday Morning and Afternoon, March 31st, University Hall 1000

8:00-8:45 Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:50 Welcome, Mark D. Morelli, Program Chair

Session One: Chair, Mark Morelli, LMU

9:00 Challenging the Paradigm of Consciousness Studies

William Mathews SJ, Milltown Park, Dublin

9:25 Alterity, Similarity & Dialectic: Resituating Levinas & Lonergan on Intersubjectivity

Brian Bajzek, University of Toronto

9:50 A Soul with a Body: Lonergan Epistemic Completion of Levinas' Ethical Project

Stephen Ferguson, Boston College

10:15-10:35 Coffee Break

10:35 "No One Knows the Father Except the Son": An Experiment in Christological Interiority

Eric Mabry, University of Toronto

11:00 Evolution, Emergence & the Biotic Community

Elysse Purcell, SUNY Cortland

11:25 Deep Ecology and Goods of Order

Sebastian Purcell, SUNY Cortland

12:00 Lunch Break

Session Two: Chair, Jeremy Blackwood, Sacred Heart Seminary

1:30 Religion, Reconciliation & Justice in a Secular Age

Gordon Rixon SJ, University of Toronto

1:55 Floating Worlds: Aberration, Subjectivity & Practical Reasonableness in American Democracy and Law

Melinda R. Thomas, St. Mary's College

2:20 "So You Say You Want a Revolution": Lonergan, Hegel, & Marx on Theories of History

Andrew T. Vink, Marquette University

2:45 A Sketch of the Transcendental Logic of Conversion

Elizabeth Murray, LMU

3:10-3:30 Coffee Break

3:30 PANEL SESSION: Conversions in Voegelin & Lonergan -- and Us

Panelists: Paul Caringella, Glenn "Chip" Hughes, Thomas J. McPartland

5:00 End of Day One

RECEPTION, 5:30-7:30, McIntosh Center (University Hall, Third Floor)

Friday Morning and Afternoon, April 1st, University Hall 1000

8:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast

Session Three: Chair, Jeremy Wilkins, Regis College, University of Toronto

9:00 Look Not Into Scholasticism, But Deliver Us From Deduction: Aquinas, Lonergan, Culture, and the American Seminary

Jeremy Blackwood, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology

9:25 Lonergan and the Future of African Theology

Joseph Ogbonnaya, Marquette University

9:50 Employing Lonergan's 'Human Good' and Scale of Values in the Emerging Field of Water Ethics

Tom McAuley, St. Paul University, Ottawa

10:15-10:35 Coffee Break

10:35 Engineering Future Engineering: An Examination of How Functional Collaboration Might Enable Future Progress

Cecilia Moloney, Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland

11:00 My Fundmental Mentor and Guide: Newman's Influence on Lonergan

Msgr. Richard Liddy, Seton Hall University

11:25 An Elusive Equilibrium: Reading Newman's Noton on Assimilation through Piaget's Theory of Adaptation

Ryan T. Hemmer, Marquette University

12:00 Lunch Break

Session Four: Chair, Glenn 'Chip' Hughes, St. Mary's Univeristy, San Antonio

1:30 Method in Practical Theology: Using Newman as a Bridge to Lonergan

John Collins, Catholic Institute of Sydney

1:55 Edith Stein & Bernard Lonergan: Empathy, Phenomenology, & Self-Appropriation

Patrick Byrne, Boston College

2:20 Why Science-Theology Dialogue Needs C. S. Peirce

Cyril Orji, University of Dayton

2:45 - 3:15 Coffee Break

3:15 PANEL SESSION: Mark Morelli's Self-Possession: Being at Home in Conscious Performance

Panelists: James Marsh, Richard Liddy, Thomas Jeannot, Mark Morelli

5:00 End of Day Two

Saturday Morning and Afternoon, April 2nd, University Hall 1000

9:00-9:30 Continental Breakfast

Session Five: Chair, Mark Morelli, Loyola Marymount University

9:30 The Notion of Being a Firm: Extending Lonergan's Philosophy of Mind to "We-Mode" Economic Agents

Michael D. Ryall, University of Toronto

9:55 Educating the Whole: Lonergan's Functional Specialties "From Above Downwards" as a New Method in Education

Francesca Zaccaron, Lonergan Fellow, Boston College

10:20 Scrutinizing Our Philosophical Assumptions

Catherine King, Independent Scholar

10:45-11:05 Coffee Break

11:05 Lonergan's Characterization of Natural Knowledge of God

Jeffrey Allen, Visiting Scholar, Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto

11:35 Where's the Problem?: After the General Theorem of the Supernatural

Jonathan Heaps, Marquette University

12:05 Lunch Break

Session 6: Chair, Mark Morelli, LMU

2:00 Grace as Inner and Outer Word: An Interpretation of Lonergan's Model of Religion

Jeremy D. Wilkins, Director, Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto

2:25 "For in Him the Whole Fullness of Deity Dwells Bodily" -- The Trinitarian Depths of the Incarnation

Neil Ormerod, Australian Catholic University

2:50 Transcendental Method in Action

Patrick Daly, MD, Lonergan Institute, Boston College

3:15-3:35 Coffee Break

3:35 God as Conversational in the Gospel of Matthew

Jen Sanders, Boston College

4:00 Your All-Powerful Word Leaped from Heaven: The Incarnation in the Works of Balthasar and Lonergan

Liam Farrer, University of Toronto

4:25 The Past and Present Are Not Opposed: The Historicity of Tradition and the Consciousness of Christ

Anne M. Carpenter, St Mary's College

5:00 End of Day Three

RECEPTION 6:00 BANQUET 7:30 (The Hill, Upper Campus, Malone Student Center, 4th floor)