While students graduating with a degree in Jewish Studies have traditionally pursued careers as rabbis, Jewish scholars and other leaders in the Jewish community, Loyola Marymount University has seen a wide variety of careers chosen by its Jewish Studies graduates. Students have used the opportunities afforded to them by the Jewish Studies Program to pursue careers in Business, Law and an assortment of other fields. Jewish Studies is still a very young program at Loyola Marymount University. Since its inception in 2007, the Jewish Studies Program has sought to encourage students in whatever they desire to do.

On top of the coursework, Jewish Studies Minors are encouraged to attend cultural immersions throughout Los Angeles and throughout the world. The Jewish Studies Program is always looking for new ways to engage their participants in academic opportunities and in opportunities regarding various career choices.

Understanding the history of the state of Israel also plays an important role in the education of the Jewish Studies Minor. Israel has been on the forefront of United States politics since it was founded in 1948. Similarly, the emphasis this program places on understanding the Holocaust and the events that led up to this horrific event allows our Jewish Studies Minors come to recognize social indicators that may lead to genocide or other social atrocities before they occur. With this knowledge, our students actively work toward developing and maintaining peace. Through these and so many other academic and extracurricular opportunities, students choosing to participate in the Jewish Studies Program will involve themselves directly in conversations about pressing, modern issues. As a Jewish Studies Minor, you will be encouraged to follow and find your passion while actively engaging the modern and ancient world through the lens of Jewish Studies.