Core Requirements

American Cultures1 course
Select either one lower division AMCS course or one upper division AMCS course, depending on class standing.
Lower division AMCS courses are restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores
Upper division AMCS courses are restricted to Juniors and Seniors
College Writing1 course
ENGL 110 College Writing (minimum grade of C required)
Communications/Critical Thinking1 course
CMST 100 Introduction to Public SpeakingCMST 140 Business & Professional Communication
CMST 110 Interpersonal CommunicationCMST 206 Critical Thinking & Communication
CMST 130 Argumentation & DebatePHIL 220 Critical Thinking
Critical Arts1 course
ANIM 100 History of AnimationMUSC 102 Enjoyment of Music
ARHS 200 Art of the Western World IMUSC 104 Fundamentals of Music
ARHS 201 Art of the Western World IIMUSC 303 World Music Cultures I
ARHS 202 ModernismMUSC 365 History of Jazz
ARHS 321 Arts of Asia: ZenTHEA 240 Western Theater History & Literature I
ARHS 340 History of PhotographyTHEA 245 Western Theater History & Literature II
ARHS 345 Contemporary Art CriticismTHEA 331 Classical Spirit in Drama
DANC 281 History of Dance TheaterTHEA 336 Romantic Spirit in Drama
DANC 381 To Dance is HumanTHEA 341 Realistic Spirit in Drama
FTVS 210 Art of the CinemaTHEA 346 Avant Garde Spirit in Drama
FTVS 314 History of European FilmTHEA 347 African Spirit in Drama
FTVS 315 History of the DocumentaryTHEA 348 Asian Spirit in Drama
INDA 100 Civilization and the ArtsTHEA 349 Hispanic Spirit in Drama
 THEA 430 Special Author/Genre Seminar
Creative Arts1 course
ANIM 120 Animation Workshop IENGL 205 Creative Writing for Non-Majors
ART 150 Studio Arts for Non-majorsENGL 311 Writing Workshop in Fiction: Intermediate
ART 151 Introduction to Drawing & Print MakingENGL 312 Writing Workshop in Poetry: Intermediate
ART 153 Drawing IMUSC 105 The Vocal Experience
ART 250 Visual Arts for Elem. EducatorMUSC 106 The Guitar Experience
ART 278 Ceramics IMUSC 107 The Piano Experience
ART 280 Photography ISCWR 220 Beginning Film & Television Writing
ART 350 Visual ThinkingTHEA 110 Beginning Acting
DANC 163 Introduction to ChoreographyTHEA 400 Playwriting
History2 courses
Choose one from Western Civilization:Choose a second from Contemporary Societies:
HIST 100 Foundations of Western CivilizationHIST 152 Modern Middle East
HIST 101 Western TraditionsHIST 162 Contemporary America
 HIST 172 Modern Latin America
Liberal Studies majors see program advisorHIST 182 Modern Asia
 HIST 192 Contemporary Africa
Literature1 course
CLCV 200 Classical EpicTHEA 331 Classical Spirit in Drama
CLCV 210 Ancient TragedyTHEA 336 Romantic Spirit in Drama
CLCV 220 Ancient ComedyTHEA 341 Realistic Spirit in Drama
CLCV 230 Ancient HistoriansTHEA 346 Avant Garde Spirit in Drama
ENGL 130 Introduction to PoetryTHEA 347 African Spirit in Drama
ENGL 140 Introduction to FictionTHEA 348 Asian Spirit in Drama
ENGL 150 Introduction to DramaTHEA 349 Hispanic Spirit in Drama
ENGL 170 Classics of Literature
FNLT 180 World Literature
THEA 430 Special Author/Genre Seminar
THEA 240 Western Theatre History & Lit. IAny upper division literature course in
a modern or classical language
THEA 245 Western Theatre History & Lit. II 
Mathematics1 course
MATH 102, with the following exceptions: 
ECON majors - based on math placement exam, take MATH 101, MATH 111, MATH 112, MATH 120 or MATH 131
LBST majors - based on math placement exam, take MATH 101 or MATH 106
PSYC majors - take MATH 104 (placement exam is not required)
Note: Courses numbered 102 or higher will fulfill core
Philosophy2 courses
Lower division requirement:Upper division requirement:
(requires junior or senior standing)
PHIL 160 Philosophy of Human NatureOne PHIL course numbered 320 through 330
Science & Technology1 course
Courses numbered 260-279 in each department within the College of Science & Engineering (BIOL, CHEM, CMSI, ELEC, MECH, NTLS, PHYS)
are designed for non-science majors.

Any other lower division course of 3 units or more offered by the College will satisfy the requirement.
Social Sciences2 courses
Take one or two courses from the following:Students may not select courses in the department of their major.
ECON 100 Economic Literacy
ECON 105 Accel Intro to Economics
POLS 135 Contemporary American Politics
ECON 110 Introductory MicroeconomicsPOLS 155 Comparative Foreign Governments
ECON 120 Introductory MacroeconomicsPSYC 100 General Psychology
GEOG 100 Human GeographySOCL 100 Principles of Sociology

SOCL 105 Social Anthropology
Note: If two courses are taken in the same department, the second course must be upper division
The second course may also be chosen from: 
AFAM 115 Introduction to African American Studies
APAM 117 Introduction to Asian Pacific American Studies
CHST 116 Introduction to Chicano Studies 
WNST 100 Introduction to Women's Studies 
Theological Studies2 courses
One 100 level THST courseOne 300 level THST course
(requires Junior or Senior standing)
Core courses may not be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis.
A core course may also fulfill a requirement in a minor or second major.
A single course will not fulfill two core requirements, unless it is an AMCS course cross listed with another core course.
Transfer students with 60 or more units accepted are waived from lower division Philosophy and Theological Studies.



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