Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta was established at the University of Arkansas on March 1, 1921. It has grown to encompass 800 chapters in 50 states, more chapters than any other accredited honor society. P.A.T. is a professional society whose mission is "to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians." They seek to "bring students, teachers and writers of history together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by members in a variety of ways."

The National Phi Alpha Theta Society sponsors a variety of benefits for its members. There are biennial conventions for undergraduate, graduate and faculty members; members at all levels are welcome to present papers. P.A.T. also sponsors special programs at the annual meetings of a number of the larger historical organization conferences such as the American Historical Association conference and the Organization of American Historians conference. P.A.T. publishes The Historian, a distinguished historical quarterly in which all members are invited to publish scholarly works, and The News Letter which covers the activities of and provides information about P.A.T.

The National organization also sponsors six annual paper prize awards. The Lynn W. Turner and Founder's Awards are pen to undergraduate members. There are also various scholarship awards, almost all of them for students entering into or already engaged in graduate study in history. Students interested in either the paper prizes or scholarship awards should contact the National Headquarters:

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society, Inc.,
University of South Florida, SOC 107, 4202 E. Fowler Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33620-8100.

Fax: 813-974-8215
Tel. 1-800-394-8195, 813-974-8212, 8215

Many local P.A.T. chapters, such as the chapter here at the Loyola
Marymount University, sponsor activities as well. These range from guest
speakers to scholarships. Activities here at the U. of M. depend on how
active the members choose to be in a particular year. If you have
suggestions for activities, please let the P.A.T. Officers or the
History Undergraduate Studies Office know.

The requirements for Phi Alpha Theta membership are as follows: an undergraduate student must have completed at least 12semester hours (24 credit hours) in history with a grade in all history courses averaging 3.1 or better; must have a 3.0 grade average outside history and must rank in the top 35% of their undergraduate class. You do not need to be an Honors Student to join. Lifetime membership is $45, which entitles the member to a certificate of membership, and a one year subscription to both The Historian and The News Letter. Once membership is received, it may be listed on resumes, or the member can purchase a pin to wear.

LMU Phi Alpha Theta- Chapter: Pi Beta
Moderator: Dr. Margarita Ochoa
Phone: (310) 568-6649

Phi Alpha Theta Officers:

President: Claire Kennedy
Vice-President: Patrick Scheuring
Secretary:Spencer Lontok
Treasurer: Joe Burg

1). An overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher.
2). A History G.P.A. of 3.2 or higher.
3). A minimum of 12 semester hours in History courses.

Phi Alpha Theta Application