The history department employs work-study students for a variety of assignments, such as photocopying, scanning articles into pdf format, returning books or audio-visual materials to the library, and running errands. There are three to five work study students who are assigned to individual faculty members. Most students who are employed by the department belong to the student labor pool. Based on a rotation schedule, they are on duty for six to eight hours a week in the faculty student assistant office. You must have a work study award to work in the work study program. Students interested in helping faculty members with their research are encouraged to contact a full-time faculty member in early fall to serve as their Rains research assistant. Each Rains research assistant may work for a maximum of 120 hours per year. Each year the department employs about 25 student assistants and Rains research assistants. In the faculty student assistant office there are three computers (two PCs and one Mac), three scanners, three deskjet printers, a network monochrome laser printer and a network color laser  printer. Faculty student assistants are also encouraged to make use of the adjacent history computer lab. The administrative assistant of the history department is the coordinator of the faculty student assistant program.


To apply for a work study job with the History department, please contact the Senior Administrative Coordinator, Mrs Teresa Hackett at