Award & Grant Recipients 2015-16

Award & Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our successful applicants for BCLA Dean's Office funding in 2015-16 

Faculty Research Account ($5,000)

  • Andrew Dilts (POLS)
  • Stephanie Limoncelli (SOCL)
  • Chan Lu (MDLL)
  • Jennifer Ramos (POLS)
  • Caroline Sauvage (CLAR)

2016 Summer Research Grants

  • Andrew Healy: “Legislators, Voters, and Myopic Policies.”
  • John Menaghan: The Dead Have Been Detained for Further Questioning.
  • Judy Park: “Theaters of Empire in Willian Davenant’s Interregnum Operas.”
  • Jennifer Pate: “Rewards as Incentives in the Volunteer’s Dilemma.”
  • Eric Perl: Procession with Remission and Recursive Analysis in Proclus’ Platonic Theology.
  • Nicolas Rosenthal: “Painting Native America: American Indian Artists in the Twentieth Century.”
  • Caroline Sauvage: “Identities and Transformations in the Eastern Mediterranean: Evolution and Continuity of Textile Tools in the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age.”
  • Timothy Shanahan: “Selfish Genes and Lucky Breaks: Richard Dawkins’ and Stephen Jay Gould’s Oppositional Darwinian Agendas.”
  • Rachel Washburn: “The Science and Politics of Assessing Pesticide Harm in Postwar America.”
  • Molly Youngkin: “Anglican and Non-Anglican Influences on William Stainton Moses’ Writing in Light.” 
  • Nicholas Denysenko: The Orthodox Ukrainian Church and Religious Identity in Modernity.”