Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Our students have multiple opportunities to study in other countries. Study Abroad programs include:

  • Bonn, Germany
    The New Europe Program is LMU's longest-running study abroad program. The program provides students with the opportunity to engage in a new cultural environment and travel while attending classes at the Akademie für Internationale Bildung (AIB). All courses are directly transferred to students’ LMU transcripts and count toward the completion of their degrees.

  • London, England
    LMU's London Study & Internship Program offers students an opportunity to live, study, and work in London. Faculty from LMU and noted faculty from Oxford, Cambridge and other major universities in Britain, teach a wide variety of academic courses. The internship and courses are facilitated by the Foundation for International Education. FIE offers guest lectures by London-based experts in the fields of politics, business, and the arts. Additionally, students can participate in co-curricula activities.

  • Oxford, England (Summer Program)
    The Oxford Program is an academically rigorous and enjoyable study aboard experience. Students take two academic courses taught by LMU professors and enjoy guest lectures by Oxford University professor of history Angus Hawkins.

  • Paris, France (Summer Program)
    Director: Véronique Flambard-Weisbart, Ph.D.
    Since 1995, LMU has taken students and LMU professors to France for a five-week Summer academic program. In Paris, students take French language courses and a exciting location oriented classes, which fulfill core requirements in various disciplines such as Philosophy, Dance, Theater, Art History, Literature, and Film. All courses are directly transferred to LMU transcripts and count towards completion of the LMU degree pursued.

  • Rome, Italy (Summer Program)
    Director: Aine O’Healy, Ph.D.
    LMU has had a five-week summer program in Rome since 1993. Accompanied by LMU faculty, students study the Italian language and take core courses or upper division electives in disciplines such as Art History, Classics, Economics, Film and Television Studies, History, Philosophy, and Theological Studies. All courses are directly transferred to students’ LMU transcripts and count toward the completion of their degrees.

For information on all of LMU's study abroad opportunities, visit the LMU Study Abroad office