The minor in Ethics consists of seven classes totaling 18 units, at least 12 of which must be upper-year, divided as follows:


Four Foundations Courses, including:

  • PHIL 160 and PHIL 320, which also satisfy the University's core requirements in Philosophy.
  • Two further classes, chosen in consultation with the Ethics Minor advisor, to deepen the student's awareness of the context, presuppositions, and implications of various approaches to ethical reflection. At least one of these two classes must be in Philosophy, though the second may be offered by departments in any of the Colleges or Schools in the University.


Two Applications Courses, including:

  • One course in Applied Ethics related to the student's College or School of origin chosen from PHIL 321-330.
  • One elective course in Applied Ethics selected from the PHIL 321-330 options without regard to the student's College or School of origin.


One Assessment Class:

  • One zero credit final class, Ethics Minor Assessment (Phil 494), must be taken once all other Ethics Minor Program credit hours are completed or during the semester the student is completing his or her final classes for the minor.


NOTE: Philosophy Majors or Minors cannot also earn an Ethics Minor.