The EVST minor consists of six classes that can be satisfied with between 18 and 24 semester hours, given differences in semester hours in participating colleges and departments. Students will generally complete the minor with 22 semester hours of work. Both foundation courses are lower division, and the capstone seminar is an upper division course. The three elective courses may include one lower division course. The course requirements must be distributed as follows:

  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ENVS 101)
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (EVST 1000)
  • One Humanities Elective
  • One Social Science Elective
  • One Natural Science Elective
  • The Environmental Studies Capstone Seminar (EVST 4001)

Electives chosen from the following list are pre-approved for the minor. However, this list is a living document and other classes may count as electives at the discretion of the Director, and students are encouraged to ask about any environmentally-themed electives that are not on this list. Refer to the current university bulletin for the definitive list of pre-approved electives.

  • Humanities: PHIL 3110; PHIL 3220; THST 3751; THST 3780
  • Social Sciences: ECON 4160; GEOG 1000; SOCL 3360; URBN 3045
  • Natural Sciences: BIOL 318; BIOL 321; ENVS 250; ENVS 279; ENVS 300; ENVS 301; ENVS 310; ENVS 356; SCEM 320