The EVST minor consists of seven classes (21 semester hours). Only three of these courses
may be lower division. The course requirements must be distributed as follows:

  • Introduction to Natural Science (NTLS 101)
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (EVST 100)
  • One Humanities Elective
  • One Social Science Elective
  • One Natural Science Elective
  • One Elective of the Student’s choosing
  • The Environmental Studies Capstone Seminar (EVST 401)

Electives chosen from the following list are pre-approved for the minor. However, this list is a living document and other classes may count as electives at the discretion of the Director, and students are encouraged to ask about any environmentally-themed electives that are not on this list.

  • Humanities: PHIL 325; PHIL 343; THST 387; THST 398 (only when taught as Sacred Place”)
  • Social Sciences: ECON 416; GEOG 100; SOCl 371; URBN 345
  • Natural Sciences: BIOL 318; ENVS 300; ENVS 320; NTLS 250; NTLS 272; NTLS 298 (only when taught as “Principles of Sustainability”); NTLS 301; NTLS 310; NTLS 320