Writing Emphasis

A minimum of 27 semester hours in upper division courses. 

Upper Division Requirements

  • ENGL 321 or 322
  • ENGL 371 or 372
  • One course in English or American Literature before or after 1800 (excluding Shakespeare).
  • Three upper division writing courses (excluding ENGL 569).
  • One course in Theory (consult with your advisor).
  • One course in Comparative/Cultural Literatures or Writing (includes any multi-ethnic writing or literature course, gender-based writing or literature course, world writing or literature course, or any foreign language literature course in translation. Check with your advisor to determine which courses may be used to fulfill this requirement.)
  • 3 additional upper division semester hours

Total Units: Writing Emphasis

  • Lower Division Requirements: 12 units (ENGL 201, 200 or 202, 203, 204)
  • Upper Division Requirements: 27 units (see above)

Total: 39 units
A minimum grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in each course in the major.