Students interested in obtaining a secondary teaching credential will have to fulfill all of the requirements for the major in English as well as some course work specified by the State of California. The following information will help students interested in the credential fulfill their requirements.

Checklist: Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in English at LMU 2013-14

(Registar’s Code for adding this concentration is: STPE)

Pre-Major/Lower-Division Requirements (12 units)

        3 units  ENGL 201 Language of Poetry                                                   

        3 units  ENGL 200 Language of Drama or 202 Language of Fiction

        3 units  ENGL 203 British Literature I

        3 units  ENGL 204 British Literature II

Upper-Division: (30-33 units) 

        3 units  Shakespeare  (321 or 322)

        0-3 units  American Literature Survey (371 or 372; 3 units included in university core to fulfill Core Lit Req in

            OLD Core; NEW CORE: ENGL 371/372 fulfills a Interdisciplinary Connections requirement under Integrations.

        3 units  Pre-1800 Literature

        3 units  Post-1800  Literature                   

        3 units  Comparative or Cultural Literature                                 

        3 units  StreetRead (375) or StreetWrite (376) (preliminary field experience)

        3 units  Linguistics (569)

        3 units  Rhetoric and Media (574)

        3 units  Theory of Teaching Literature and Writing (565)

        0 units  Children’s Literature (346; 3 units included in university core to fulfill OLD Core “ American Cultures” or

                     NEW Core “Studies in American Diversity” Requirement.)

6 units or 2 Electives, two electives of extended study in one of the domains.  Two courses taken from one of the domains: 1. Literature and Language Analysis  or 2. Language, Linguistics, Literacy or  3. Composition and Rhetoric or 4. Communications, Speech, Media and Performance

University Core Integral to Secondary Teacher Preparation Program (12 units)

Includes ENGL 346 Children’s Literature (3 units) in place of AMCS (American Cultures) Core. Includes ENGL 371 or 372 American Literature Survey (3 units) in place of Literature Core.

Includes Communications Core (3 units) and Creative Arts Core (3 units) selected from the following:

Communications Core (3 units):  *At least one course from the following Communication Studies courses (**also counts as University Core)

        CMST 100 Intro to Public Speaking**

        CMST 110 Interpersonal Communication**

        CMST 130 Argument and Debate**

        CMST 170 Interpersonal and Small Group Communication

        CMST 336 Intercultural Communication

Creative Arts Core (3 units): *At least one course from the following Theatre courses (**also counts as University Core)

        THEA 110 Beginning Acting (designed for the non-major)**

        THEA 120 Basic Stagecraft (THEA 121 Basic Stagecraft lab)**

        THEA 251 Theatre Practicum: Performance**

        THEA 451 Theatre Practicum: Performance**

Professional Course work in the School of Education (30 units)  

        EDUR 400 Sociocultural Analysis of Education

        EDES 401 Educational Psychology for the Childhood and Adolescent Years

        EDES 414 Second Language Acquisition: Theory and Policy

        EDSS 440 Introduction to the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student with Exceptional Needs

___  EDLC 425 Methods in English Language Development and Specially Designed Academic  Instruction in English (SDAIE)

        EDES 403 Reading and Content Learning in Middle and Secondary Schools

        EDES 486 Methods in Teaching Secondary English

        EDCE 412 Secondary Directed Teaching (9 units)


TOTAL UNITS 12 +30-33+ 12 + 30 + 36 additional units of university core = 120-123 units

(These 36 units of additional core are described in the LMU Bulletin under Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts(BCLA), Core Curriculum.)


Explanation of Coursework Required:

Candidates must complete major requirements and liberal arts core requirements that address the four domains of competence.  The courses listed above under pre-major, lower-division (12 units), and upper-division (30 units) will demonstrate competence in the Four Domains.   

Candidates complete coursework in the Four Domains of Competence, including:

  • the literature and textual analysis requirement by taking a minimum of ten literature courses (these ten courses are included in those listed above)
  • the language, linguistics, and literacy requirements by taking ENGL 569 Linguistics and EDUC 414 Theories of Second Language Acquisition
  • the rhetoric and composition requirement by taking ENGL 110 First-Year Writing, ENGL 574 Rhetoric and Media, and ENGL 565 Theory of Teaching Writing and Literature
  • the communications, speech, media, and creative performance requirement by taking one communications course (CMST 100 Intro to Public Speaking, CMST 110 Interpersonal Communication, or CMST 130 Argument and Debate); one theatre course (THEA 110 Beginning Acting, THEA 120/121 Basic Stagecraft and Stagecraft Lab, THEA 251 Theatre Practicum: Performance, or THEA 451 Theatre Practicum: Performance); and one media course (ENGL 574 Rhetoric and Media). 

Candidates must also complete extended studies in one of the domains.  This extended study consists of 6 units or 2 electives in the selected domain.  Students may not choose one course from one domain and one course from another.  They must select their two elective courses from within one domain.  Students can specialize in every genre and/or period, and can select from a wide range of theory and writing courses, both creative and professional.

Domain Course Listings

1. Literature and Language Analysis

1. Language, Linguistics, Literacy

2. Composition and Rhetoric

3. Communications, Speech, Media and Performance


Advising Assistance: STPP in English


A Message from the School of Education: Please contact the School of Education at for information about all available Secondary Teacher Preparation Programs. All students interested in teaching English in middle schools or high schools should meet with their departmental advisor (Dr. Linda Bannister) as soon as possible and must also attend a mandatory School of Education Undergraduate Information Session. Please call (310)338-7845 option #2 to obtain the next scheduled meeting time and to confirm attendance.  The advisor for STPP students regarding the School of Education is Terri Taylor,, x87755). 

Students should consult with the Director/Advisor for the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in English, Dr. Aimee Ross-Kilroy,, University Hall, Room 3868, (310) 338-3718 to sign up for the program and to discuss their course of study, especially their English courses.    

The Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation (CUTP) is also available to assist students interested in teaching careers in both secondary and elementary education.  Please contact Dr. Bernadette M. Musetti, Senior Director & Associate Professor of Liberal Studies,, University Hall, Room 3407, (310) 338-4402.  The Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation (CUTP) has a library of information and advice for teachers, and also sponsors several informational programs every year.  CUTP is located in UH3404, (310) 338-1748.     

Students interested in completing the coursework for the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in English fulfill the requirements for a major in English STPP and concurrently fulfill special course requirements specified by the State of California.  These requirements are set forth in detail in the STPP Checklist and in the “Secondary Teacher Preparation Program in English” section of the LMU Bulletin under English Department.