Literature Emphasis

A minimum of 27 semester hours in upper division courses. 

Upper Division Requirements:

  • ENGL 321 or 322
  • ENGL 371 or 372
  • One course in English and/or American literature prior to 1800, excluding Shakespeare.
  • Two courses in English or American Literature after 1800.
  • One course in Theory (consult with your advisor).
  • One course in Comparative/Cultural Literatures or Writing (includes any course in multi-ethnic literature, gender-based literature, world literature, or foreign language literature in translation. Check with your advisor to determine which courses may be used to fulfill this requirement.)
  • 6 additional upper division semester hours

Total Units: Literature Emphasis

  • Lower Division Requirements: 12 units (ENGL 201, 200 or 202, 203, 204)
  • Upper Division Requirements: 27 units (see above)

Total: 39 units
A minimum grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in each course in the major.