Rhetoricians, Rhetors, and Orators,

Welcome to the first iteration of the Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric and Composition (JCRC) website. The site may be located on these pages, but it belongs to the members of the JCRC. These pages are intended to

    • serve as an archive of the JCRC’s past

    • serve as a bulletin board posting current activities, interests, and upcoming meetings

    • serve all who are interested in teaching, research, and administrative work emerging from the Ignation tradition or informed by Jesuit scholarship, and contemporary spiritual / intellectual endeavors.

Initially, the impetus behind this site was the creation of a bibliography.  Following the link above, you will discover a bibliography of sources of interest to scholars of the intersection of the Jesuit tradition, the rhetorical tradition, and composition studies. This bibliography is separated into primary sources that predate 1800 (sorted by date), followed by a bibliography of secondary sources (sorted alphabetically). 

This bibliography is open to all contributors, contributions will be edited for accuracy, and we thank you in advance for your sources, corrections, and updates. When you contribute, please designate the source as primary or secondary, keeping in mind primary texts are currently designated as pre-1800.

Please send contributions, and as much information as you have including annotations or reviews, to the JCRC list serve. 

To subscribe to the conference listserv, please send the following message to list@marquette.edu:

Subscribe ls-jcrc

Leave the subject line and the rest of the message blank.  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Virginia Chappell, (virginia.chappell@marquette.edu) the "list owner," who will authorize the addition of your name to the list.

When contributing to the bibliography, please use “Bibliography” as the subject heading. We will update the bibliography as often as possible. Thanks go to Steve Mailloux who provided the seeds of our first posted bibliography and to Maureen Fitzsimmons who organized the pages and will collate future contributions.  Also, when contributing to the JCRC Archives, please use “Archive” as subject heading. When contributing a correction or update, please use “Home Page Update.”

In keeping with the spirit of the JCRC, the contents, format, and structure of this site is a product of the JCRC rhetors and orators. As this web site has been donated, we must honor local IT policies, so please be patient as we make our way through these awkward first-steps.

We look forward to your suggestions, discussions, and contributions.


K. J. Peters
Maureen Fitzsimmons
Steven Mailloux


The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities
Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric and Composition


Article I. Name & Affiliation

The name of this organization will be the Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric and Composition. It is affiliated with the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU).

Article II. Purpose

The purposes of this organization shall include (but not be limited to)

    • Promoting professional relationships among faculty at AJCU institutions whose teaching, research, and/or administrative works includes rhetoric and composition

    • Encouraging cross institutional collaboration in scholarly, pedagogical and administrative work in issues relating to rhetoric and composition

    • Examining how the rhetorical tradition, Jesuit educational tradition and the Ignation identity interact in contemporary Jesuit education

    • Exchanging institutional information among members to support the teaching of writing and rhetoric in Jesuit institutions

Article III. Membership

All faculty and administrators, including full and part-time, tenure-stream and not, working at AJCU institutions who teach or whose work includes the administration, teaching, or research in the areas of rhetoric and composition.

Dues are not required for membership. Membership will be ongoing until the faculty member withdraws or terminates employment with an AJCU institution.

Article IV. Officers

There are three officers of the Conference: the Vice Chair, who organizes and presides over the annual meeting; the Chair, who is responsible for all other organizational business; and the Past Chair, who conducts the annual election for the Vice Chair. Officers will serve three years starting as Vice Chair, moving to Chair, and then to Past Chair.

Article V. Meetings

Meetings will be held in conjunction with the Rhetoric Society of America, which has a biannual scholarly conference held in May. RSA also holds a bi-annual Institute (in the off years of the conference). RSA is a cross-disciplinary organization drawing faculty and scholars from traditions of both Speech Communication and English, the most common disciplinary affiliations of those specializing in rhetoric and composition.