(Open to all majors and minors. 1. 16 semester hours or four 4-semester-hour ENGL courses in Journalism OR 2. 18 semester hours comprised of three 4-semester-hour ENGL courses in Journalism plus two 3-semester-hour APPROVED IDAP courses from CFA)
The Journalism Certificate at LMU offers maximum flexibility as no specific courses are required. The Journalism Certificate is not a major or minor. The "certificate" appears as a line on the student's final transcript and may be referenced in a student's resumé. (You will not receive a frameable certificate from the Office of the Registrar.)

Note: Some of the courses you take for the Certificate may also be counted toward your major or minor in English, your major or minor in Communication Studies, or the University Core.

The Journalism Certificate is ideal for students who plan to work as a freelance journalist, or who intend to pursue a Master's or Ph.D. in Journalism, or, who plan to work as a public relations or advertising professional in corporate communications, for a newspaper or magazine or on various new media platforms, or as a social media professional. Remember, two possible completion paths exist: 1. Four (4) English courses in Journalism offered by the English Department. Or, 2. Three (3) English courses in Journalism plus two (2) APPROVED courses in IDAP Interdisciplinary Applied Programs from CFA College of Communication and Fine Arts. Consult Dr. Linda Bannister, Director of the Journalism Program (Linda.Bannister@lmu.edu), to make sure your program fulfills the certificate requirements.