Jewish Studies Minor Requirements

The minor requires 18 credit hours.

Upper-division course requirements: At least 12 hours must be at an upper-division level.

Lower-division course requirements: There are no specific lower-division course requirements. Students may take no more than six hours at the lower-division level (lower-division hours may include language study).

Required Courses:

JWST 300 Modern Jewish History (cross-listed as HIST 398.03, THST 398 and EURO 398)

An examination of the political, economic, social, intellectual and cultural history of Jews around the world since the nineteenth century. Main topics include: anti-Semitism, the origins and history of Zionism, the Holocaust, the founding of Israel, Jewish-Christian relations, Jewish migrations, and the diversity of Jewish experiences around the world.

JWST 381 Contemporary Judaism and Historical Background (cross-listed as THST 391)

An understanding of Jewish beliefs and practices, their Biblical and historical roots, their theological and cultural motivations.

JWST 490 Senior Tutorial

The capstone course for the Jewish Studies minor, coordinated by the program director. The course includes a substantial service component or an internship.

Students must also take one course in Jewish history and one course in Jewish literature and culture.

In addition, students have one free elective remaining, to be chosen from a list of approved courses.

Jewish Studies Course Offerings:

THST100.01 - Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (3 credits)

THST 398, HIST 398.03, EURO 398 - Modern Jewish History (3 credits)

JWST 381, THST 391, Contemporary Judaism and Historical Background (3 credits)

THST 383.01/02 – Religions of the Near East (3 credits)

ARCH 401, THST 398 – Archaeology and the Bible (3 credits)

HIST 520, ENGL 598 – The Holocaust (3 credits)

JWST 490 - Tutorial involving an internship. Contact Dr. Holli Levitsky,, for internship opportunities.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad opportunities are being planned for Jewish Studies minors. These include programs in Israel and Poland. Check out the Study Abroad website for more information, or contact Dr. Holli Levitsky at

For more information, please contact Dr. Holli Levitsky at 310-338-7664 or by email at