English Minor in Journalism

The English Minor in Journalism currently is open only to non-English majors.  If you are an English major, you can do the Journalism Certificate.  For more information about the Journalism Certificate, click on the link to the left. 

English Minor in Journalism 

21 semester hours of coursework with a C or better in each class. Three courses are required: (1) ENGL 206, The Language of Non-Fiction/Journalism; (2) ENGL 381, Journalism: New Media; and (3) a 400-level journalism Capstone Course with a special backpack/ long-form journalism component. ENGL 206 must be taken before or concurrently with ENGL 381. 

The lower division requirement (ENGL 206, Language of Journalism) will give Journalism Minor students the foundation for further study, acquaint them with Journalistic formats, and teach them the fundamentals of reportage and news literacy, essential tools for all apprentice journalists. 

Students may be exempted from taking ENGL 206 and enroll in ENGL 301, Writing for Journalism instead if they can demonstrate (via resume and portfolio) significant secondary or post-secondary Journalism proficiency and experience. 

ENGL 381, Journalism: New Media is the essential introduction to non-print news platforms all Journalism minors must navigate and populate. 

The 400-level required course will be subtitled “Captone Course.”  

Summary of the requirements:

1. Two Required Courses: ENGL 206 or 301 and ENGL 381.      6 units

Many students will enroll in 206 and 301 as a two-course sequence, using 301 as an elective.

2.  One Course in community journalism or specialized journalism.          3 units           

 (Select from 302, 304, 406, 407, 408, and selected SS:498)                         

3. One 400-level Capstone Course with backpack journalism/long-form focus.  Restricted to Senior Journalism Minors.      3 units         

4. Three electives.  9 units           

Total Units: 21

For more information about the English Minor in Journalism, contact Dr. Bannister at lbannist@lmu.edu