Alexandra Meany

 "Establishing Power and Identity in the Third Space: Examining the Literary Work and Life of Mourning Dove"

                50th Western Literature Association Conference
                Reno, NV
                October 14-17, 2015

David Miller

“Four Poems”
                Palaver, Fall 2015

Michael Robinson

 "Language as Military Assault on Identity and Memory in Friel's Translations"

                American Conference for Irish Studies
                Rapid City, SD
                October 16-18, 2015


 Chris Chien 

 "Union of Pure with Pure Desiring": Recovering Gender Fluidity and the 'Hermaphrodite' in Milton's Paradise Lost

                68th RMMLA
                Boise, Idaho 
                October 9-11, 2014

                25th UCLA Southland Conference
                Los Angeles, California 
                May 30th, 2014

"Used to It" : Queer Identity, Inc. and the Politics of Resisting "Acceptance"

                86th SAMLA
                Atlanta, Georgia  
                November 6-9, 2014

Esther Dalton

Kipling's Kim: Elegy for an Indian Childhood

                British Commonwealth Postcolonial Studies Conference
                Savannah, GA
                February 13-14, 2015

Amanda Drum

"I Would Be I": Agency and Ideology in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

                112th PAMLA
                Riverside, California
                October 31 - November 2 2014

Alexandra Haliki

"The Quotative 'Be Like' and Valley Girl Identity"

                Cultural Rhetorics
                East Lansing, Michigan
                October 30-November 1 2014

Kathryn King

"'But I Do Clean Up Real Fuckin' Pretty': True Detective and Motorcycle Subculture Representation as Spectacle and Diversion." Masculinities Journal, August 2014-February 2015 issue: 59-79.
"Gender Representation and Adaptation: Tyler's and Kasdan's The Accidental Tourist." Gender Studies: Transatlantic Visions 11 (2014).

David Miller

"Historical Present: The Lyric According to Walt Whitman"

                ACLA National Conference
                Seattle, Washington
                March 26-29, 2015

Attendee of the 2015 Poetry Workshop at the Writers' Institute of Skidmore University

Jeffrey Nazzaro

“Climbing That Mountain Again”
                Rind Literary Magazine, June 2014

                BareBack Magazine, September 2014

“Chores” and "At Japan's First Citrus-Themed Park"

                Flash: The International Short-Story Magazine, October 2014

“Brown Chicken, Brown Cow”
                Every Day Fiction
, November 2014

Stephanie Nicolard

"The Anatomy of a Villain: Explorations of the Body in Othello"

                Re/Inventions 2015: Consumption CSULB
                Long Beach, California 
                April 9, 2015

                Interconnections: Patterns, Pathways and Possibilities URI  
                University of Rhode Island
                April 18, 2015

Michael Robinson

"Political Animals: The Awntyrs off Arthure

                "Between Being(s): Phenomenologies of the Creature in Early Cultures"
                University of California, Irvine
                April 18-19, 2015

"Putting the Weir Front-and-Center in McPherson's The Weir"

                Natures 2015
                Serra University, Riverside, California
                February 12-13, 2015

Yad Vashem 
                Poetica Magazine: Special Issue, The Holocaust, 2014

A First Shabbat at the Kotel
                Poetica Magazine: Fall 2014 Issue 


Erika Rothberg

"What the Hell to Expect When You're Expecting: An Examination of Demonic Pregnancies in Horror Literature and Film"

                Pennsylvania College English Association
                State College, Pennsylvania
                October 3-4, 2014

"Prisoner on the Hell Planet: Survivor's Guilt and Shared Trauma in Maus"

                Wondercon, Comic Arts Conference 
                Anaheim, California
                April 3-5, 2015 

"Truly Dead Ends: Failed Journeys and Social Immobility in Flannery O'Connor's 'A Good Man Is Hard To Find' and 'The Life You Save May Be Your Own.'"

                International Gothic Association's Biennial Conference - "Gothic Migrations"  
                Vancouver, Canada
                July 28th - August 1 2015 

Noah B. Salamon
“The Transformative Effect of Color in the Poetry of Tomas Tranströmer.”
              World Literature Today, 10 June 2014 Web.

Xiaxoue Sun

"Teaching in a Salad Bowl: Multilingual and Multicultural Challenges in the English Classroom"

                Midwestern Conference on Literature, Language, and Media
                Northern Illinois University
                March 27-28 2015

"To Go Is To Come Back: A Comparative Analysis of Wooden Fish Songs and The House on Mango Street"

                N-Determination Conference
                University of California, Irvine
                March 13, 2015

                50th Annual Comparative Literature Conference 
                California State University, Long Beach
                April 16, 2015 

                72nd SCMLA
                Nashville, Tennessee 
                October 31-November 3, 2015

A version of this paper will be published in the International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, June 2015. 

"Poppy and Recollection: Paul Celan's Influence on Ingeborg Bachmann"

                Sante Fe, New Mexico
                October 8-10, 2015

Kalene VanHuss

"Silence on the Seas: The Voiceless Perspective in Melville's Benito Cereno"

                PCA/ACA National Conference
                New Orleans, Louisiana
                April 1-4 2015



Elizabeth Barr
"'Who the devil wrote that?' Intertextuality and Authorial Reputation in Georgette Heyer's Venetia
                Journal of Popular Romance Studies, Spring 2013             

Justin Campbell
First Place Recipient of the 2013 Hurston/Wright Award for College Writers

Finalist for the 2014 Lascaus Prize for Short Fiction

 “Bedtime Stories”
                The Lascaux Review, 
                African American Review
, Forthcoming: 2014

"Multiplicity of Me: On Race, Fatherhood, and James Baldwin."
                The Millions (essay here)

"Blessed Are The Peacemakers." 
                34th Parallel Literary Magazine Winter 24 (2013): 44-53 

“Excerpt from “Sitting On The Knees of Gods.”
                 The Two Cities, 8 Nov. 2013 Web

                The Two Cities, 13 Sept. 2013 Web

 “Your Life Is Not Your Own” 
                The Cossack Review, Forthcoming: 2013

“.12 Gauge”
                The Faircloth Review, 2013

“Super Tuscan”
                The Conium Review, 2013

“The Escort”
                The Wide Net Literary Magazine, 2011

                Margins, Forthcoming…

                UK’s International Creative Writing Conference
                Imperial College, London
                June 29-30, 2013

“Original Trauma: The Assumption of Unique Identities in Brick Lane 
                34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association Conference 
                Albuquerque, New Mexico
                February 13-16, 2013

                2013 Acacia Conference 
                Cal State Fullerton 
                March 1-2, 2013


Joanne Do
“Poe and Plagiarism: The Evolution of a Changing Attitude”

                Creativity and Authorship: Law and Changing Practice Symposium 
                University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia 
                December 17-18, 2012

"Do You Believe in Magic: Examinations of Agency in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye"
                Southwest Popular and American Culture Association
Albuquerque, New Mexico
 February 11-14, 2014

“Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?: Objects and Their Use in Samuel Beckett's Happy Days and Krapp's Last Tape
                PCA/ACA National Conference
                April 14-18, 2014

Hannah Dow
“(Dis)empowered: Virgins as Surrogates”
                6th Annual Religions in Conversation Conference
                Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California
                February 21-23, 2013

"Mirror, Mirror: The Bluest Eye and the Construction of Pecola's Subjectivity"
                Trespassing(s): The University of Maryland's GEO Conference
                University of Maryland
                March 8, 2014

Liz Goldhammer
"Sex, Lies, and Videotapes: Cultural Feminism's (Re)Production of Patriarchy"
                Close Encounters: Remapping Discipline through Genre
                U Mass Amherst
                March 29, 2014

 "The Queer and the Creepy: Homosexual Desire in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
                albeit, Forthcoming…

Alex Halicki
Crossing Thresholds: An Entry into Gothic Fiction (curator)
                William H. Hannon Library Department of Archives and Special Collections

"'All men schall tak exampyll': The Audience and the Akedah in the Brome Abraham and Isaac"
                35th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum
                Plymouth State University, New Hampshire
                April 25-26, 2014

Sean Hooks
“The Art of Digression: Experimentalism and Anti-Form in J.D. Salinger's ‘Seymour: An Introduction’”
                34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association Conference
                Albuquerque, New Mexico
                February 13-16, 2013
                A version of this conference paper is published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, September 15, 2013 

"Crichton's Jurassic Park Twenty Years Hence, A Reconsideration"
                Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference
                St. Louis, Missouri
                October 13, 2013 

 “The Soul of London is the Heart of the American Midwest,” Review
                The Journal, 
Forthcoming Spring 2014 issue
Kathryn King
"Gender Representation and Adaptation: Kasdan's and Tyler's The Accidental Tourist"
                "Intersections" Conference 
                Cal State Northridge
                March 8, 2014

                Craft Critique Culture; (Mis)Leading Conference 
                University of Iowa
                April 4-5, 2014

                XI International Conference on Women's Studies
                Universidad Complutense de Madrid
                April 8-10, 2014
Alisa Manzelli

“Myrtle Wilson's Desperate Attempts for Social Acceptance in The Great Gatsby  
                34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association Conference
                Albuquerque, New Mexico        
                February 13-16, 2013

Courtney Pina   

“Modernist Oppositions: How War Unites the Literature of Dos Passos and Ginsberg” 
34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association Conference 
                Albuquerque, New Mexico
                February 13-16, 2013

                College English Association Conference 
                Savannah, Georgia
                April 4-6, 2013

Katelyn Quinley

“Distortions of Chastity in the House of Busyrane             “
                International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Thought 
                Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas
                April 4-6, 2013

 Noah B. Salamon

“Sanctuary and other poems”
                Poetry issue of Sixfold, Fall 2013


Pictured above: George Herbert’s The Temple, First Edition, 1633. Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, LMU. Gift of T. Marie Chilton.