President's Professor of Rhetoric: B.A., Loyola University of Los Angeles; M.A., University of Southern California; Ph.D., University of Southern California.

Steven Mailloux received his Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature at the University of Southern California and has taught at Temple University, University of Miami, Syracuse University, and the University of California, Irvine.   He is the co-editor of Interpreting Law and Literature (1988) and editor of Rhetoric, Sophistry, Pragmatism (1995) as well as the author of Interpretive Conventions: The Reader in the Study of American Fiction (1982), Rhetorical Power (1989), Reception Histories: Rhetoric, Pragmatism, and American Cultural Politics (1998), and Disciplinary Identities: Rhetorical Paths of English, Speech, and Composition (2006). Mailloux teaches courses in rhetoric, critical theory, political theology, and U.S. cultural studies.