Chuck Rosenthal

Professor: B.A., Allegheny University; M.F.A., Bowling Green State University; M.A., University of California at Davis; Ph.D., University of Utah.

Chuck Rosenthal was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and has lived in the western U.S. since 1979. He’s the author of seven published novels and a memoir. The novels: Loop’s Progress, Experiments with Life and Deaf, Loop’s End (the Loop Trilogy), Elena of the Stars, Avatar Angel: The Last Novel of Jack Kerouac, My Mistress Humanity, and The Heart of Mars. The memoir: Never Let Me Go.His work has been nominated for The National Book Award, The Penn West Award for Fiction, the Penn International Award for Fiction, the Critics Book Circle Award for Fiction, the American Library Association Most Notable Book Award, and for Best American Creative Non-fiction. He is a three time winner of the Utah Arts Council Award for Fiction. He has given readings, lectures, classes, and interviews, live as well as on radio and television, nationally and internationally. His work has appeared in dozens of literary magazines and anthologies such as The Santa Monica Review, Volt, The Denver Quarterly, See, Chicago Review, California Quarterly, Chattahoochee Review, VERB, The Pocket Field Guide, Absolute Disaster, Silent Voices, Quarterly West, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Western Humanities Review, Along the Lake, and others.

Elena of the Stars, (under the name C. P. Rosenthal), a story about a girl and a horse, has been translated into Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, and Korean. His short story “The Nicest Kid in the Universe” appears in the Norton Anthology Flash Fiction and was translated into German by the University of Vienna and read on a Austrian National Radio Corporation broadcast on July 14, 2008.

Rosenthal has taught in the Prague Summer Program. He recently lived for four months in the Himalayas of northeast India, the setting for his 2009 book of Magic Journalism, Are We Not There Yet?  Travels in Nepal, North India, and Bhutan.  His novel, Coyote O'Donohughe's History of Texas, will appear with What Books in October 2010. He lives in Topanga Canyon, California where he owns a horse and rides daily.