Literature Emphasis

Bronte 170The Literature Emphasis offers a range of coursework in a variety of literary traditions. In addition to a strong background in major periods, authors, and genres, the Emphasis offers innovative classes on topics including Shipwrecks and Cannibals, War and Theatre, Invisible Geographies, Surrealism, Caribbean Lit., Gay and Lesbian Writers, and more. Intensive work with Faculty in our small department is encouraged, and Independent Studies on special topics may be arranged. 

Degree Requirements:

Ten courses are required for the M.A. in English with a Literature Emphasis.
You also must submit a Capstone Portfolio Project.

  • Courses are 500- and 600-level.
  • 500 courses may also have advanced undergraduates and cap at 25.
  • 600 courses are for graduate students only seminars and cap at 15.
  • At least four courses for the M.A. must be 600-level classes.

You must take:

  • Contemporary Critical Theory (1)
  • Major Writer / Seminar in a Genre or Literary Period (1)
  • Literature and Theory Electives (5-7)
  • Creative Writing Seminar (0-2)   
  • Critical Methodology (1)*  

The normal time it takes to get the degree is two years.

* This course must be taken in the first semester of study.

Pictured above: Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, First Edition, 1847. Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, LMU. Purchased in May 2011 in honor of the first Centennial graduating class with support monies from the T. Marie Chilton Endowment fund.