Professor: B.A., Yale University; M.Phil, Yale University; Ph.D., Yale University.


Barbara Roche Rico who holds a doctorate from Yale University, is a professor of English at Loyola Marymount University, and chair of the department; she has taught at LMU since 1989. Her research interests include comparative studies of Renaissance authors and, more recently, work on Nicholasa Mohr, Judith Ortíz Cofer, Esmeralda Santiago and other writers of the Puerto Rican Diaspora. The textbook she co-edited with Sandra Mano of UCLA, American Mosaic: Multicultural Readings in Context, is in its third edition. She has presented her work at conferences in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and in Mexico. Her other publications include essays in Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies (reprinted in Latino/a Writing [Routledge] and Short Fiction in Theory and Practice. Transatlantic exchange is a focus of her research and teaching, which have been supported by internal and external grants. She has recently completed a term as a member the National Networking Board of the Lilly Foundation.