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Student Essay Competition

Undergraduate Prize: $500
Graduate Student Prize: $1000


NEW: Winning essays announced!

Undergraduate winner:

Christina Llanes, "Family as Micro-Church: Therese of Lisieux and Mother Maria Skobtsova" (Download Here‌)

Graduate winners:

Hayden Brandon: "Remember Esther: A Voice From the Margins" (Brandon)

Magali del Bueno Riancho: "Hispanic Women, Mestizaje, and the Church in the 21st Century" Download Here

LMU’s Huffington Ecumenical Institute will be hosting a two-day symposium at LMU on March 5-6 on the theme Women and Church, East and West. Leading women scholars, Orthodox and Catholic, will discuss the role of women in their churches.

The Huffington Ecumenical Institute is offering two prizes for the best student essay on the topic of “Women and Church at the Beginning of the 21st Century,” to be written in response to the Symposium. Essays should be between 1500 and 2000 words.

The best undergraduate essay will be awarded $500 and the graduate essay $1000. The prize-winners will be announced at a reception to take place at LMU on April 17. The winning essays will be published on the Huffington Ecumenical Institute website, and considered for publication in the edited collection of papers from the Symposium.


    1. The essay competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently registered at LMU. 

    1. All students wishing to submit an essay for the competition must register for and attend the Symposium. Register here.

    1. All submissions will be blind-reviewed by an independent panel, and should not contain any details which identify their authors. Each essay should be accompanied by a cover sheet, available here

    1. Three paper copies of the essay with the cover sheet should be sent to Jack Karapetian, Student Administrator, Huffington Ecumenical Institute, Department of Theological Studies, LMU.

  1. All submissions must arrive by April 5, 2010.


For all questions, contact Jack Karapetian, 310-338-1917.