Office:   UNH 4217
Phone:   310-338-2815
Email:   dherreiner at
Office Hours:   Fall 2013
W, 2:00 - 4:30pm
PhD   European University Institute
MSc   London School of Economics
BSc   Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Areas of Specialization:
Game Theory, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Fairness and Justice, Economics of Art
Selected Publications
  • "Inequality Aversion and Efficiency with Ordinal and Cardinal Social Preference – An Experimental Study", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2010. (with C. Puppe)
  • "Envy Freeness in Experimental Fair Division Problems", Theory and Decision, 67/1, 65-100, 2009. (with C. Puppe)
  • "A Simple Procedure for Finding Equitable Allocations of Indivisible Goods", Social Choice and Welfare, 19/2, 415-430, April 2002 (with C. Puppe).
  • "Market Organisation and Trading Relationships", Economic Journal, 110, 411-436, April 2000 (with A. Kirman, G. Weisbuch).
  • "Cooperation, Mimesis and Local Interaction", Sociological Methods and Research, 28/3, 341-364, February 2000 (with I. Eshel, L. Samuelson, E. Sansone, A.Shaked).
  • "Fictitious Play in Coordination Games", International Journal of Game Theory, 28/2, 189-197, May 1999 (with A. Sela).