Andrew Healy, PhD

Office:   UNH 4229
Phone:   310-338-5956
Email:   ahealy at
Office Hours:   Fall 2013
TR 1:35-2:50
and by announcement 
PhD   Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
BS  Yale University
Areas of Specialization:
Political Economy, Applied Econometrics 
Selected Publications
  • Healy, Andrew, and Gabriel Lenz. 2013. “Substituting the End for the Whole: Why Voters Respond Primarily to the Election-Year Economy,” (forthcoming, American Journal of Political Science
  • Healy, Andrew and Neil Malhotra. 2013. “Childhood Socialization and Political Attitudes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” (forthcoming, Journal of Politics
  • Cole, Shawn, Andrew Healy, and Eric Werker. 2012. “Do Voters Demand Responsive Governments? Evidence from Indian Disaster Relief,” Journal of Development Economics 97(2): 167-181.
  • Healy, Andrew, Neil Malhotra, and Cecilia Mo. 2010. “Irrelevant Events Affect Voters' Evaluations of Government Performance,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107(28): 12506-12511.
  • Healy, Andrew and Neil Malhotra. 2009. “Myopic Voters and Natural Disaster Policy,” American Political Science Review 103(3): 387-406.